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Invitation to the 1st General Assembly

Saturday, July 1st, 4.30 pm, Rellerli

Personal invitation

Dear Members of the Association «Friends of the Rellerli»

First of all, we’d like to thank you for your commitment for the Rellerli.

The Year 2017 can write history for the Rellerli, the destination of Gstaad and especially the Saanenland. In 2015 the voters of the municipalities in Saanenland and Zweisimmen, agreed to the silent rehabilitation of the Gstaad mountain railways, including the demand for the dismantling of the Rellerli cable car in 2019.
As of June 24 we will publish an important statement on our homepage. It is of high importance that all «Friends of the Rellerli» take note before 1st July (General Assembly).

In March 2017 it was appealed to start the association “Friends of the Rellerli» with almost 500 new members within 2 months. «Friends of the Rellerli” are «Friends of the Saanenland». The Association has strong arguments to win the trust of the investor, the BDG and the municipality of Saanen to secure the future of a railway up the Rellerli.

You are kindly invidted to the first general assembly of the association «Friends of the Rellerli» ( » download agenda).


You can subsribe on www.reller.li/en/mitglieder/.

We are pleased to welcome as many members as possible on 1st July 2017 on the Rellerli. We hope that we can already present the first negotiation successes. The Rellerli offers a fair ticket up the Rellerli (one-way CHF 15.00, return CHF 20.00).

Verein «Freunde des Rellerli» • www.reller.liinfo@reller.li

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