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We will preserve what our parents and grandparents built!

Finally the Rellerli shines again in a white dress. A nice layer of snow has fallen and we can still enjoy the winter a bit.

The strategic group and the board of directors are still busy with discussions and are planning the next steps to reach our goal to make the Rellerli accessible for everyone by cable car.

Despite the currently quiet time we can still count on you, our friends of the Rellerli. Many thanks!


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«Verein plant neue Seilbahn für zwölf Millionen Franken»
Jungfrau Zeitung (Oktober 2017)
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«Rellerli-Freunde planen eine neue Bahn»
Anzeiger von Saanen (Juli 2019)
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»Rellerli: Ohne Bertarelli-Deal gehts nicht»
Berner Oberländer (Juli 2017)
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«Eine basisdemokratische Bewegung»
Jungfrau Zeitung (Juli 2017) - » Artikel lesen

«Ein letztes Aufbäumen für das Rellerli»
SRF (März 2017) - » Beitrag ansehen

«Verein zur Rettung der Rellerlibahn»
Jungfrau Zeitung (März 2017) - » Artikel lesen

Rellerli - future

The new cable car up Rellerli?!

This could be the future of the Rellerli cable car!

Have a closer look at the suggestet concept of the future Rellerli cable car. 

» Concept Rellerlibahn 2020


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Rellerli, the mountain without which the whole-year tourism in Saanenland cannot be working.

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