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We will preserve what our parents and grandparents built!

A while ago, the last "old" cable car went up the Rellerli. Many people visited the mountain before its closing and enjoyed the spectacular view. Now the Rellerli is resting, covered by the snow. We are happy if we can go back up.

We can, however, record a small success and had talks with the parties involved. The basic results can be read in the following press release from the Anzeiger von Saanen on 4 January 2019. The common opinion is, that the Rellerli stays a touristic attraction with many activities and possibilities. We are still aiming for a new cable car.

«Neue Pläne für das Rellerli»
Anzeiger von Saanen (04.01.2019)
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«Verein plant neue Seilbahn für zwölf Millionen Franken»
Jungfrau Zeitung (Oktober 2017)
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«Rellerli-Freunde planen eine neue Bahn»
Anzeiger von Saanen (Juli 2019)
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»Rellerli: Ohne Bertarelli-Deal gehts nicht»
Berner Oberländer (Juli 2017)
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«Eine basisdemokratische Bewegung»
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«Ein letztes Aufbäumen für das Rellerli»
SRF (März 2017) - » Beitrag ansehen

«Verein zur Rettung der Rellerlibahn»
Jungfrau Zeitung (März 2017) - » Artikel lesen

Rellerli - Suite

The Town Council of Saanen and the Group responsable for the ski lifts «Destination Gstaad» were not very happy with our opposition to their project - as you all know, those who criticize decisions are rarely appreciated. Also certain individuals may have voiced their opinions too strongly and this created miscontent among some of the population. Therefore we would really like to insist upon the fact that we only want what is best for «Destination Gstaad» and the best in our view is the Rellerli Gondola!

How did we use the funds that you donated us? We contracted a legal act which shows that the construction of just a «Lodge» on the Rellerli slope without a gondola would be of no sense. This study prompted the officials responsable of the project to review their position in detail - so again there is hope for a new gondola lift.

We also asked the ski-lift firm Garaventa to make us an offer for a new gondola project. A «downsized» version that would cost around 12 million Swiss Francs and which would take us all the way up the Rellerli slope and which would not cost to much to operate. This plan might help to  «cool down» the situation with Gstaad. However we still have to put together a solid business plan. A recent analysis made in October 2017 by Prof Philipp Lütolf of Swiss ski lifts and Gondolas shows how difficult the actual Touristic Sector has become. We are well aware of this and therefore we know that we need time to study and plan our strategy.

For our dream to become reality we of course need the help of all our «friends». We will only attain our goal if all our supporters are behind us so that we can save our «Rellerli». The 400 «Friends of Rellerli» who belong to the Commune of Saanen would help make a big difference if they all give their votes to our project during the course of our Communal Assembly.

For them and for all the other «Friends of Rellerli» there will then be the question of how to finance our project. So it is more than likely that we will soon have to ask you for your help to find a solution. If you wish to get in touch with one of our committee members, we are more than willing to receive you on «rendez-vous». Persons of contact are: Max Baur, or Paul Wehren

Rellerli - future

The new cable car up Rellerli?!

This could be the future of the Rellerli cable car!

Have a closer look at the suggestet concept of the future Rellerli cable car. 

» Concept Rellerlibahn 2020


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Rellerli, the mountain without which the whole-year tourism in Saanenland cannot be working.

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