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Information to all membres of «Friends of the Rellerli»

Dear membres of the association «Friends of the Rellerli»

We are happy to announce the next general assembly of our association at an early stage: It is expected to take place on Saturday, 2. November 2019 in Schönried. A separate invitation will follow in due course.

Surely you are interested in the development of our project. Below is a brief summary of recent events:

The new president, Heinz Welten, together with Peter Ryter, was able to establish friendly contact with the lawyers of Mountain View AG (MV AG), the owner of the parcel at the mountain station Rellerli. At MV AG's request, we meet regularly for talks in this small setting. In addition, they also met with the decision-making bodies of the BDG and the municipality of Saanen. It is pleasing to note that MV AG provided verbal assurances to make the valley station available to FdR after the transfer of ownership of the valley station from BDG to MV AG. This is an important brick, because without the valley station we would probably have to bury our project of a new track! According to the land register the MV AG can not transfer ownership of the valley station until it has been transferred from the current public access zone (German: Zone für öffentliche Nutzung - ZöN) to the mixed zone (valley station and apartments possible). Such rezoning are to be approved by the community meeting.

For the dismantling of the old railway including the associated infrastructure, the BDG must submit an application as its owner. This has not happened at the moment.

These statements show that there are still many questions to be answered - these include the attitude of the environmental associations to our project.

We hope to inform you about further progress at the next general assembly.

Finally, it should be mentioned that our club has grown fortunately now to 1,053 members. We would like to thank you for your interest in our project.

Schönried, July 2019 

Best regards

Board and the strategy group «Friends of Rellerli»

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